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Welcome to Medical Center Urology your premier prostate cancer testing center in High Point. A prostate cancer test is an important element in the general medical health regimen that your body deserves. Of course, there are a number of preventive medical measures every person should take; specifically, a prostate screening test is an important and often effective way to predict the degree of risk a patient has of developing prostate cancer. Early detection can only help provide the best, most effective treatment possible. From check-ups to examinations you can trust our High Point, NC-based practice to always put your wellbeing first.
Patients for prostate screening in High Point, NC

Kidney Stones

Dr. Puschinsky is a urologist that has the ability to end your kidney stone woes. Located in High Point, we’ve helped end the suffering of many residents who were experiencing the torture of kidney stones. Whether or not you know for sure that you have kidney stones, you should enlist the expertise of a trained professional urologist to examine and officially diagnose you. Make an appointment with Medical Center Urology for kidney stone analysis and prostate screening.
Patients for prostate screening at doctors practice in High Point, NC

Interstitial Cystitis

Medicine has had extraordinary developments over the years. Certain conditions are still not really understood. Interstitial cystitis is a perfect example. It’s a painful condition of the bladder that has no known causes. But at Medical Center Urology, our doctor is seasoned when it comes to diagnosing interstitial cystitis to patients in High Point.
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Prostate Screening

Medical Center Urology has the staff and treatment options to help you get on with your life. Our High Point-based practice specializes in a wide range of urinary tract services. We are able to diagnose with prostate screening and treat a variety of medical issues. We can also provide referrals to other trained specialists in town if your condition warrants it.
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